Sunday, November 20, 2011

Managing Christmas Expenses

Today was exactly 34 days before christmas and I saw this very timeley video of one of my favorite personal finance blogger Ms. Salve Duplito of in ANC Shop Talk.  The episode tacles about how to manage your chistmas expenses.

I'm an avid follower of  her blog Moneysmart in until it was signed off.

What to do with your christmas bonus?


It's good for the economy buy on if:
  • You are not in debt
  • Your emergency fund is sufficient or fat enough
  • Your savings is in good Health
  • Your investments are not losing
  • You're fully covered against risk
2. Use it to give yourself a unique gift, a debt-free chrismtmas

3. Fatten up your emergency fund

4. Buy some mutual fund /UITF Share
5. Get your feet we in the stock market

6. Set up an "Antartica Fund"

7. Start an Education Fund

8.Support an advocacy

Tips on Managing Chrismas Bonus

1.Shop Early - But know how to manage inventory and store the items well. and be sure not to
"Dip your hands in the cookie jar"
2. Know where to shop

3.Keep track of the hidden cost of Christmas like packaging.gas, time etc.

4. Evaluate yourself after the christmas holidays. Take a pen and paperand write down how much you have overspent (or how good you are at keeping within the budge and why. Analyze!)
4.Trim the gift list. Don't let the commercialism win!

5.Do not Buy Happiness, Make Happiness!

Enjoy watching the video!

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